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Clean and ergonomic dashboard

Swift access to important metrics, data insights in one glance.

Infrastructure insights and reporting

Precise reporting based on scans fine-tuned to your needs.

Ultra fast scan

Fast and flawless scans that complement your business style.


Six out of twelve major requirements in the PCI DSS compliance directly state the word ‘Cardholder Data’ and emphasize on the secure keep of this data. It not only cares for the security of the cardholder data but Location & Data type. With BOLT discovery, you can find data pertaining to all the major card brands, local card brands, and even loyalty and club cards in your network.


BOLT Discovery helps in identifying and confirming the scope for PCI DSS network. The scope is determined by understanding card data storage, flow, and interconnected systems and processes. It also helps in finding process deviations, forgotten files, and application data leakage.

BOLT Discovery is rendered as SaaS model, On-premises model, and Standalone version.

SaaS model is targeted towards small and medium businesses ensuring quick turnaround time in setup and scan. SaaS model is licensed per IP, and the customer can run scans against that IP over a one-year time frame.

The on-premises model aims towards large enterprises, provides unlimited scans for an unlimited number of IPs. The software is licensed for a given time limit.

The standalone version is customizable lightweight version, supporting single systems or database. This is targeted towards isolated systems and outdated systems.

Scan time is relative to the scanned machine's resources, filesystem's size, and the number of cards we have in the scoped system. 30 mins-2 hours for a scan window is a good approximation for an average desktop scan.

Yes, you can exclude files or directories either by selecting the preloaded options or creating custom regular expressions.

Absolutely, not. BOLT Discovery is lightweight on systems and does a very low usage of resources to accomplish a scan.

At the end of the trial, your account will remain active, but the scans couldn't be initiated.

Yes. BOLT Discovery can be used by multiple users. The admin account can create users for login.

You can update the plan from tool dashboard. This can be done any time, throughout your subscription.

To change your current BOLT Discovery plan:

Account -> Plan Details -> Change Plan

From the available plans, choose your desired plan.
The newly selected plan will be effective from the date indicated.