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A lot of the complexity and mess in the network comes from enterprises need for data to be all things to all questions. Everything is overly abstracted, and 90% of the data business will never use. Meanwhile business will bear the brunt of all that baggage and complexity of having all that data. Unknown or Orphan data is the one among the biggest causes for enterprises getting breached, the leftover data by employees often fall into the hands of bad actors. In PCI parlance this will lead to heavy fines and deputation damage. Bolt Discovery, is a PCI card finder tool, allows organizations to effectively identify unencrypted payment card data in the network and treat the identified risks. PCI card finder helps in identifying primary account number (PAN), full track number, places in the network, cloud and databases infrastructure..

Bolt Discovery provides the option to do card reconnaissance as per the guidelines of payment card industry data security standard. Bolt Discovery, PCI card finder tool also help is treating the identified sensitive data and provides option to mask, encrypt and delete the identified payment card data from dashboard itself.

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Adorned with the world-class features, our tool lets you create an inventory of data important to you, meet critical compliance mandates, counter security threats, and customize your search.


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Keep on enriching your curious self with the white-papers coming from cybersecurity subject matter experts. Do not just be compliant, understand compliance and know why BOLT Discovery is a significant link to achieve the same.

What's New

  • 10 new policies for the scan
  • Robust policy scan structure
  • Added WMI extended support as a windows service.

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